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5 Features to Consider when Choosing a WordPress Theme

WordPress StickersThere are so many advantage of using WordPress websites over static HTML ones.  WordPress websites are cheaper and easier to build, can be easily updated and edited and allows users to add a number of social plug-ins. This makes WordPress websites the ideal solution for any small business looking to build a formidable online presence without breaking the bank. As WordPress is open source, small business owners can save a lot of money as they do not have to pay licensing fees for installing and using WordPress websites. Moreover, this open source nature allows anyone to create themes, widgets, applications for WordPress.

Businesses can get thousands of free and premium WordPress themes for their websites from various developers online. So what should one look for before choosing a WordPress theme – free or premium?

5 Features of WordPress Themes

Feature 1: Responsive layout

Responsive web design is all the rage nowadays. Why? Because a responsive websiteWordPress Responsive Web Site Design
adjusts itself depending on the platform it is viewed from – PC and mobile, without any loss of functionality. Small business owners should make sure the WordPress theme they have chosen or bought has a responsive layout. This means that the same website will work on all devices and browsers, eliminating the need to create separate websites for PC and mobile platforms.

Feature 2: Auto upgrade and error handling

The WordPress theme should be easily updatable without the help of the developers.  Small businesses often do not have the resources to have a web development team so even an employee with not knowledge in web design languages should be able to update the WordPress theme with the click of a button when the developer of the theme releases a new version or update. Also, WordPress themes – especially premium ones, should have error handling code so that it can recover from errors on its own. This ensures that the website is robust and online round the clock.

Feature 3: Theme customization

With the release of WordPress 3.5, small businesses must select WordPress themes that have the Live Theme Customizer. This allows users to make small changes and see their effects in real time. Changes to the colors, text, font, etc. will take no time at all if this feature is present in the theme.

Feature 4: Demo installation

Most people look at the demo version of premium themes, get impressed and buy it immediately. Later on they realize that the actual set-up does not look like the demo version. Choose a WordPress theme that provides a demo version so that this demo version can be installed first and customizations can be made later on to get the final theme.

Feature 5: Custom widgets

Online and social media marketing is a must for any small business to grow. WordPress websites must allow effective social media marketing by having all the necessary widgets, which not only go well with the overall theme but also allows users to connect with the business. These widgets should be provided with the theme so that the small business owner does not have to manually add hundreds of widgets later on.

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