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Here’s what you’ll learn during the next 10 weeks:

  • A step-by-step approach to understanding the basics of search engine optimization that will lead to more traffic
  • A simple-to-understand strategy for finding quality keywords and getting relevant traffic
  • A series of action steps that will help you clearly understand how to create search engine friendly content.

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We want to boil down the process into a simple to understand sequence that is logical and manageable.  We believe that you can get maximum results by applying the basic 20%.  We have found that the basics, the cornerstone of SEO, consist of the following four elements.

Cornerstone One: Relationships

The web 2.0 has become social.

I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but social networking websites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are major players in the online world.

This really plays into the reality of human nature.  We are naturally social beings.  We are created and designed to fellowship with others.  Building and cultivating relationships is vital to our own personal development and it is also true for our business.

Understanding the basics of building and cultivating relationships online is a cornerstone to building a good SEO presence for your website.

Cornerstone Two: Content

The amount of information on the internet is doubling about every 5 years.

That is huge growth!

The obstacle is getting your content to stand out above the noise.  It’s like being in a stadium of 150,000 people screaming about their business.  Trying to find just the right answer for your question, need, or service becomes VERY difficult.  The growth of content is amazing.

Search Engine Optimization is the process that helps break through that clutter and your content is critical.

Not all content is created equal.  It used to be said that content is king.  But the reality is that QUALITY content is KING! 

To have content that search engines rank and deem “important,” your content must be GOOD!

Cornerstone Three: Community

Because the web is social, one of the factors that search engines view as validation is community.  The idea is that if people are commenting, sharing, tweeting, or G+ your content, it must be important.

Developing a strategy that encourages community both on and off your site is important for quality SEO.

Cornerstone Four:  Connections

The goal of SEO is to teach search engines that you are an authority on your topic.  Google wants to deliver the most relevant and valuable content to search results.

One way you can teach search engines that your content is valuable is by building good quality links.

For Search Engine Optimization, we are concerned about internal linking and external linking.  Building a good network of links teaches search engines what key words are important for your site as they follow the links into and around your site.

Connecting the Pieces

Each of these cornerstones are critical for quality SEO.  We are going to break them down and highlight the most important parts.  SEO Basics is an e-course that is intended to help the beginner improve their website ranking in search engines.  It is our hope that you are able to see meaningful results by the end of this course.

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What is SEO and Why Should I Care?

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