SEO Basics [Lesson 2]: Relationships

Every Business Needs a Village

Your business is less about your products or services and more about the relationships you develop.

People do business with people they KNOW!

In the online world, the cliché is “Content is King,” but the reality is that in business, “Relationships are King!”

Show Me the Money

One of the things that Internet Marketers (IM) learned early on is that the “money is in the list.”  They would spend enormous amounts of energy and time building large list of people who were interested in the topics, products or services they were offering.  If you give them an opportunity to buy stuff, enough of the people from the “list” would buy.  You could make a nice living.

This is the basic approach of the direct mail market.  You know all that junk mail you get in your mail box everyday.  They have learned that if you send information to enough people, a certain percentage of people will buy.  You learn what your conversion rate is and then grow a list to generate enough sales to grow a business.

The problem is that this can be very expensive.

It Takes A Village

In the days before the internet, highways and metropolis, people conducted business in their local village.  The bread maker and candlestick maker were trying to grow a viable business for themselves and their families.  They lived in the same community, may have even lived in the same neighborhood.

If the candle maker bought a loaf of bread from the bread maker and found that is was stale, he would march himself over to his shop and  have words (I hear that this kind of thing still happens, even at Pizza places and the like).

This was the way business was conducted.  You met people.  You developed relationships.  You had similar experiences.  You were part of the village.  You had a relationship!

You need a Village

This same principle is true in online business.  Developing a community, your own village is important.  This generally results in customers who are loyal, customers who market for you, customers who are your greatest ally.

Your village is the total people who read your blog, watch your videos, or listen to you podcast regularly.  Your blog community, your facebook friends, your twitter followers, your email list, your RSS subscribers – all of it!

Your business is driven by how your village will respond and react to your decisions.  They should be considered when deciding how to grow, change or develop your business.

Relationships are Two Ways

Sometimes we justify our lack of selling with the excuse that we don’t want to “damage our relationship” with our village.  You must remember that a one-way relationship is not a relationship at all.  It’s exploitation.

You are building a business.  A business implies that you are offering a product or service in exchange for money.  If there is no exchange of money, you DO NOT have a business.

In exchange for everything you do for your village, you must conduct business.

This means that you must set appropriate boundaries, make it clear from the very beginning of the relationship that you are a business and will be offering products or services in exchange for money.  You will be taking from your village as well as giving to it.

Where Is the SEO?

I thought you’d never ask.  The end result of quality Search Engine Optimization is building your village.  If you follow the principles we are going to discuss during this course, you will be well on the way of finding like minded individuals who are interested in the products and service you have to offer.  The over arching principle of SEO is being able to deliver content to people who are looking for the content you offer at the very moment they are wanting to consume that content.

If you can develop quality SEO principles, you will be able to build a village and grow your business.


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