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Your Website May Be Giving Your Visitors a Disease

Website design requires us to use an editing eye. If we're not careful, websites begin to give our visitors a disease. Your website could be giving your visitors 'Featuritis.' It is serious issue effecting websites all across the internet. The symptoms include difficulty making decisions, uncertainty, lack of conversion, loss of revenue, and poor user experience. Featuritis is the over complication of site design, navigation, or user flow resulting in poor user experience¹. Not the Soda Machine I walked into my local movie theater ready to watch the latest block … [Read more...]

YouTube is Marketing Gold – Literally!

If you've been paying attention to the online marketers,  you know that YouTube is a powerhouse for building your brand. The top 1000 YouTube channels are not only building a valuable brand and marketing vehicle, they are bringing in over $23,000 per month from ad revenue. . . .let that sink in. . . YouTube is a powerful tool. It is one that I have not effectively used. I am beginning to build content around the core topic areas of my business, WordPress, StudioPress and Web Design. Check out this infographic and tell me if it does or does not inspire you to act. … [Read more...]

Why Your Bounce Rate Sucks!

Question: Why is my bounce rate so high? Answer: You have less than 10 seconds to grab your users attention. Pages that postion the value proposition early, can keep the users attention longer and reduce bounce rate. The Study A recent study tracked page visit duration of over 200,000 different web pages from over 10,000 visits. As they analyzed the data, they discovered a negative correlation between the time spent on a page and the probability of a visitor bouncing. NERD ALERT: Their results confirmed a negative aging Weibull distribution. A Weibull … [Read more...]

Genesis 2.0: HTML5 and Schema Microdata Genesis 2.0 is loaded with the latest web code standards.  When 2.0 is released, the framework will be supporting HTML5 and microdata. HTML5, Oh Yeah! Here's the deal.  There is NOTHING magical about HTML5.  Having the Genesis Framework updated to HTML5 is not going to add some magical code to your site that will make it do something new.  It is simply the updated standards for HTML. The current standard, HTML4 introduced us to XML markup.  It has been the basis of web development since 2000. HTML5 is an … [Read more...]

Automated Featured Content Sliders Are Killing Your Conversions

One of the frequently requested features I get with a new web site design is adding a cool slider on the home page.  There is a desire to have some of the "featured content" rotating on the home page to get more content accessible to site visitors. A lot of WordPress themes are built with a slider baked into the theme or designed for use with a plugin.  Most sliders are setup to slide automatically every few seconds.  Most of the ones that I have used for clients have defaults of 4 - 6 seconds.  The image will slide or fade from one to the next.  Is this actually … [Read more...]

WordPress Security and WordPress Multisite Security [Hangout] The Google+ Genesis Community had a hangout to discuss the different ways to secure a WordPress install and a multisite.  We discussed various methods and plugins. The first line of defense against a hack attack it to ensure you have a secure username, secure password and that you keep your WordPress software up to date.  The massive hacks over the past several weeks have been successful because of users using the Admin username with a simple to crack password, like 'abc123.' Keep you WordPress site secure with some … [Read more...]

WordPress Multisite Hangout

WordPress has a wonderfully unique feature called Multisite.  It is a way of running a single install of WordPress while creating a network of websites on the same domain.  It was introduced into WordPress with the 3.0 release.  It is the way in which is functioning. The way multisite works, you can create simple to very complex networks of sites.  One of the interesting approaches that has started to come about is using a WordPress multisite to create a SAAS (Software as a Service).  One you may be familiar with is Hello Bar. The Genesis Framework … [Read more...]

How To Add Image Sizes to WordPress Theme

UPDATE: I have turned this code into a simple plugin available  Activate it on your site and tell me what you think. WordPress by default creates three image sizes when you upload an image to the media library, Large, Medium and Thumbnail.  By going to Settings > Media, you can see what the settings are for your install. Sometimes, you need more image sizes.  The default images work, but what about an image that's not square or in between 1024 pixels and 300 pixels?  Often times your theme will include a piece of code to add additional images … [Read more...]

15 WordPress Errors that Kill Your Reputation

WordPress is a powerful CMS.  It has advanced over the years to be the platform that powers more websites than any other CMS. It has a simple to use interface making it ideal for non-tech users.  I have used it exclusively for my clients because it is just easy for them to use. As is the case with any system, there are issues that arise occasionally that need to be addressed.  And if you have ran WordPress for any length of time, you have ran into one or more of the following errors. Knowing what to do is critical if WordPress powers your business … [Read more...]

How to Steal Content and Why You Should!

Content creation on a regular basis is hard work.  It is even more difficult when we try to come up with content out of thin air.  We think and think about what we should tell our audience only to waste days or weeks without adding to the conversation. This is an area that I have struggled, to be honest with you.  I have always found the prospect of content creation to be a difficult task.  After all, I'm spending all of my available time trying to grow my business.  I have to make the decision to work on a project, find a new project or write some awe inspiring … [Read more...]